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Pre-K kids' karate class

PRE-K  (AGE 3-5)


Pre-K is an introduction to group classes. They develop listening skills, confidence, and teamwork through simple games. Pre-K students grade using a coloured tip system on their white belts.


Infants kids' karate class




Infants are introduced to karate basicsThey are taught simple step-by-step techniques, developing fitness and respect. Infants students grade using coloured striped belts aligned to the kyu grades.

Karateka kids' karate classes


GEDAN: 9:30-10:
JODAN: 10AM-11:AM 


Karateka begin their karate journey in full. They have a strong focus on combinations, applications including self-defence and sparring, and self-discipline. Karateka students grade on a full kyu belt system.

Everyone is welcome to a free trial class to see if we're the right school for you! We accept all students and Sensei Mike works very closely with parents and guardians to ensure every student's individual learning needs and training goals are met.

Before receiving your karate uniform, it's best to wear comfortable sports clothes. Footwear isn't necessary as we always train barefoot. Please also bring a drink bottle, as well as a jumper for after class when it's cold. ​

We have a seated viewing area on stage for parents to stay and watch. For anything else, our motto is "any questions, just ask!" Sensei Mike is always available at or via the Contact page.

Karate enrolment


​Lessons run on a per term basis according to the school calendar. However, lesson fees are pro rata, so members joining mid-term (or taking an early holiday) are only charged for the lessons they can attend.  We are also a registered Active Kids provider and offer sibling discounts. We never charge for gradings (including belts) and have no hidden fees.

Active Kids provider logo

All prices are as follows:

  • Pre-K - $175 per term

  • Infants - $195 per term

  • Karateka - $225 per term


  • Membership - $10

  • Karate uniform - $35

  • Protective mitts - $35



Gradings are held at the end of every term, and there are no additional costs to grade or buy new belts. All students attempt their grading each term, with senior Karateka grades (3rd kyu brown belts and above) being invited to attempt their next kyu. Each class uses a separate grading system tailored to the students' learning goals and age level.

Karateka students also additionally receive progress reports on their fitness through participation in our Beep Test program, which runs twice per term. 

All graded students also receive a formal report to provide feedback on their progress and goals each term in order to best support their learning.

Karate grading criteria
Karate grading report
Karate fitness criteria
Karate fitness report
Karate Black Belt_edited.jpg
Karate black belt


Sensei Mike is an energetic, enthusiastic, fully-qualified black belt instructor, who also holds a Master of Teaching (Primary). He has been professionally teaching children's martial arts since 2014, so he knows how to teach kids effectively! Sensei Mike is Working With Children Check approved, and his WWCC number is WWC0285054E. If you ever have any questions, you can always feel free to ask. Otherwise, you can read more about him and his journey on his profile!


Mike has been an amazing sensei and mentor to my two children always sensitive to the different needs and capabilities of the class, with a firm fairness that gets the best out of everyone. We switched to his class several years ago after trying another dojo and Mike's teaching style was just so much better, we never looked back. As well as developing their karate skills, I've noticed my kids growing in confidence and general fitness over the years they've been learning from Mike. I'd highly recommend Karate Central to anyone with kids who are interested!
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