Invoices will be raised by the third week of term, and will include an itemised breakdown of all fees. Invoices are to be paid in full three weeks prior to the end of term. Members who have not paid their invoice in full by this date, without otherwise having made contact about their payment, may have their grade temporarily withheld until payment is made. 

i) Members are encouraged to give notice of any dates throughout the term they will knowingly be unable to attend due to previous engagements, such as pre-booked holidays, to receive an adjustment to their term fees. This notice must be given prior to the invoice date. Any other missed classes prior to the invoice date, such as due to illness, will automatically be adjusted.

ii) Refunds for missed classes will not be considered after the invoice date, with the exception of extreme circumstances when the student is suddenly unable to continue their training, such as due to injury or grievance. Refunds will not be considered for attended classes, either partially or in full, for any reason.

iii) An adjusted invoice can be raised upon request when paying with a valid Active Kids voucher to reflect the new balance.



Class dates for the calendar year are clearly displayed on the Karate Central website (see Timetable). Karate terms will run according to the NSW public school term. A standard karate term will run for a minimum of 9 weeks, starting on the Saturday after school resumes. In longer school terms, the karate term will run for an additional week at no additional cost.

i) The hall may be used as an election venue at short notice, which will receive preference to Karate Central regardless of prior booking. If this results in a term length of fewer than 9 weeks, either the current or subsequent term will be extended for an additional week (subject to availability) or a refund or credit will be provided.



Classes are structured according to age (see Classes). Members are free to request attendance of a specific class due to attendance of siblings or friends, 


Gradings will be held in the second last week of every term, subject to availability. Students who have attended at least six lessons prior to the grading date will automatically be invited to attempt their next grade. Students who have attended five or fewer lessons will be invited at the sole discretion of the instructor.



Members will disclose any medical or behavioural diagnoses, issues, or concerns which may risk the safety of themselves or others while engaging in the lesson content. This includes, but is not limited to, seizures, fainting, asthma, relevant medications, or bullying of other children. Reasonable adjustments (in consultation with parents/carers) will be made to facilitate the best inclusion of all participants, however continued training will be up to the sole discretion of Karate Central. Please note, significant medical risk may warrant a request to seek clearance from a medical practitioner. 



Karate Central is committed to child protection and is WWCC (Working With Children Check) approved, which can be verified using the following link and details:


Michael Hugh Burleigh

18 June 1991



In addition to the above, members acknowledge and accept all inherent risks involved in martial arts participation and training. Any other issues arising during enrolment at Karate Central are expected to be raised and discussed in a constructive and amicable manner, for which reasonable adjustments can be made to resolve the issue provided they do not impact the training of any other members.

Please note these Terms & Conditions may be updated in future. All members will be notified via email, and all changes will be assumed to be accepted from the following term onwards unless otherwise notified.