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Karate Central offers a safe, happy and encouraging environment where kids have fun, get fit, and be active! Flexible classes are grouped by age and ability, so all students can train with their friends and at their own level.

Classes are dynamic and fun, incorporating games, fitness, self-defence, and fundamental movement skills to develop both understanding and ability. Our students learn self-defence and anti-bullying skills, personal discipline, mutual respect, and self-confidence while having fun and making friends with cooperative games and drills!

Karate Central is inclusive and supportive of all children, regardless of ability or additional learning needs. We work with both the children and parents to provide the best and most rewarding possible experiences, with bespoke lesson plans, activities, and adjustments to fully support the engagement of all our students, allowing them to engage and progress at their own rate.

Our instructor, Sensei Mike, is energetic, enthusiastic, a fully-qualified black belt instructor, and also a primary school teacher! He achieved his Master of Teaching (Primary) with Distinction in 2019, has many years experience in special education, and has been professionally teaching children's martial arts since 2014, so he knows how to teach kids effectively!

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Point Clare Public School hall

19-21 Takari Avenue

Point Clare NSW, 2250

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