At Karate Central, we do things differently. We're dedicated to kids... and we know how to teach them.

Our Sensei has a Master of Teaching (Primary) and many years' experience leading kids-only martial arts classes. His classes ensure that all kids, regardless of age, size, shape or ability, have the pedagogical support they need to successfully learn and develop their skills in a safe and constructive environment. This is at the heart of our style, Goju-ryu.

Goju-ryu is, in our opinion, the style best suited to children. While many other styles of karate prioritise strength and full contact, the foundational principles of Goju enable practitioners to achieve far beyond their physical strength. This is essential to kids who may experience bullying, or even a physical attack, from someone much larger than themselves. We ensure our students learn the sense to stay safe, the hearts to stand up and say no, and the knowledge to get out of any physical altercation that may be thrust upon them. 

Key to any child's development is their parents and guardians. This is why Sensei Mike works closely with parents to ensure their child's individual needs are being met. This includes correspondence and mutual feedback from class and gradings so everyone is working towards the child's common goal to be the best they can be.

Point Clare School Hall, Takari Avenue, Point Clare NSW, 2250

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