Karate Black Belt


Gradings are held for all age groups in the penultimate lesson of every term, and all students are invited to attempt their grade each term. We never change for gradings or new belts and there are no hidden fees.

Karate Central utilises a custom grading system to both recognise and incentivise student achievement. Each age group uses a unique grading system relevant to their age and ability:

  • Pre-K (ages 3-5) collect coloured tips on their white belts

  • Infants (ages 5-8) receive white belts with coloured stripes

  • Karateka (ages 8+) grade on a full colour belt system

Graded students also receive written feedback of their progress and goals for the next grading, ensuring both students and parents understand what's expected and are able to track their progress.


Term fees are $175 for Pre-K (ages 3-4), $195 for Infants (ages 5-6), and $225 for Karateka (ages 7+). Terms run according to the school term and billed pro rata, so any mid-term enrolees, or anyone taking an early holiday, are only charged for the lessons they can attend.

Start-up packs for new enrolees include any items they need:

  • Karate uniform and belt - $35

  • Sparring mitts - $35

  • Membership - $10 


We are a registered Active Kids provider, and also offer sibling discounts. Flexible payment options are available on request.

Karate Practice
Beginners Martial Arts Class


All new beginners are welcome to a free trial class, so join in the fun to see if we're the right school for you! We accept all students and Sensei Mike works very closely with the parents to ensure every student's individual needs are met within the class.

Before you receive your karate uniform, it's best to wear comfortable sports clothes. Please also bring a drink bottle, as well as a jumper for after class when it's cold.

For anything else, our motto is "any questions, just ask!" Sensei Mike is always available at kids@karatecentral.com.au or via the Contact page.